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August 28, 2014

Blueprint Controllers® CO2 Generator NG, CGNG-10 and LP, CGLP-10NPA_August_Blueprint
Blueprint Controllers® CO2 Generators turn natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) into supplemental carbon dioxide for accelerated plant growth in enclosed spaces. Enhanced 10-burner units feature selector switches to conveniently operate two, six or all 10 brass burners, while included burner plugs allow modification of desired CO2 output on all units. Multiple integrated safety features include electronic ignition instead of open pilot flame, dual solenoid valves to restrict gas if burners do not ignite and tip-over switch to cut the gas supply if the unit is not upright. High altitude units are designed for use above 4,500 feet above sea level. Each complete unit comes with a gas regulator, 12-inch hose, power adapter, hanging hardware and three-year warranty. 

NPA_August_SJ_LodgsSecret Jardin LODGE 2.5 L90 and L120
Secret Jardin LODGE is the latest model in the Revision 2.50 line of grow tents. The LODGE tent features two stations with three separate growing areas, allowing gardeners to manage plants in different stages of development, while remaining compact for small spaces or areas with little height. Level two light proofing and 95% highly reflective Mylar lining improve light distribution and intensity. With strong equipment bars to support reflectors and carbon filters, these tents are easy and quick to assemble and have a solid, waterproof base.

Secret Jardin LODGE 2.5 L90, 36″ x 24″ x 54″
Secret Jardin LODGE 2.5 L120, 48″ x 36″ x 60″

Mike O’Rizey Granular
Mike O’Rizey Granular is an organically certified blend of 4 types of beneficial root fungi that, when introduced into the root zone, will attach themselves to the roots and start growing. This produces feeder roots which are able to break down and efficiently absorb more water and nutrients, especially phosphorus. Mike O’ Rizey will give plants a naturally massive root system for a bountiful harvest.


Staff Picks

August 27, 2014

Meet RogerTake a look at product favorites, hand-picked by our garden experts. Today’s picks are from Worm’s Way Indiana Manager, Roger.



Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein


Heard about aquaponics?  Imagine growing produce indoors without the use of traditional fertilizers. Instead, a reservoir filled with fish will give plants everything they need to grow and produce veggies for that next sit down dinner. Sylvia Bernstein’s book, “Aquaponic Gardening” is an amazing resource for how to start your own aquaponic system. Two years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about aquaponics. However, after reading this amazing resource, I was able to build my first system in my basement. Two years later I’ve experienced many successful grows and bountiful harvests of tilapia. Read her book and grow your own beautiful, healthy plants and happy fish!

IStaff_Picks_ionON Ballasts

The new ION ballasts offer a great, sleek design with an adjustable knob powering 1000-, 600- and 400-watt HID bulbs. The ballasts will power both metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs. I really like these units because they offer larger heat sinks than many other models sold on the market. Larger heat sinks effectively remove more heat from the ballast’s motherboard which increases the life of the ballast.  If you’re looking to upgrade from magnetic to electronic ballasts, then the ION is what you’re looking for.

Pioneer VIII Grow, 8 Tube Fluorescent Fixtures

The Pioneer VIII Grow, 8 Tube Fluorescent Fixtures are awesome lights for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the heat sometimes associated with HID lights. These high-output T5 fluorescent fixtures can be purchased with either grow or bloom spectrum bulbs.  If the Pioneer 8 is too large they are also available with six and four bulbs. I personally run five of these fixtures in my indoor garden. I’ve been very successful fruiting tomatoes and peppers with these lights. Word of advice:  I personally find alternating bulbs between grow and bloom versus running either all grow or all bloom provides my plants with a fuller light spectrum. My plants often thank me by providing heavier yields. Great lights, plus you can’t beat a five-year warranty!

pH in Your Reservoir

August 26, 2014


Hydroponics 101 – Part One.

August 21, 2014

The Facts

Hydroponics (HY-dro-PON-ix) literally means, “working water”.

  • Plants grown hydroponically can mature 25% faster and produce 30% more than the same variety grown in soil. This is because plants are grown in a readily available nutrient-rich solution and they do not have to spend valuable energy developing roots to seek out food.
  • In hydroponics, the grower is responsible for providing all the necessary nutrients.
  • Because hydroponics systems typically recycle the nutrient solution, plants in these systems actually use less water than their soil-based equivalent.
  • Hydroponics can be set up indoors and out.
  • Great for those with limited gardening space because several plants can be grown together in a small area. In addition, you rarely contend with soil-borne disease or weeds!

Types of Hydroponic Systems


If you have ever taken a cutting from a houseplant and placed it in a container of water to establish roots, you have used a passive hydroponics method! With no moving parts, passive systems are great for beginners because they are inexpensive, portable and simple to set up and maintain.


Active systems employ pumps and other devices to deliver nutrient solutions to plant roots.  Here are some of the preferred types of active techniques:

Deep Water Culture (or Continuous Aeration Technique)

With this self-contained method, plants are suspended above the water level and a submersible pump is used to constantly bathe roots in nutrient solution. As plants mature, the roots will grow into the continuously circulating reservoir. See the Sunleaves Garden of Ease.

Flood and Drain (or Ebb and Flow)

For this approach, plant roots are intermittently flooded with nutrient solution. The frequency of the flood depends on the type of growing medium and the size and type of plant, but typically 15 minutes every 2-4 hours during the day. Roots are nourished and aerated as the cycle repeats. See the many kits with mix and match components available.


This is a substrate system where a pump delivers solution from a main reservoir to drip emitters positioned at the base of each plant via individual supply lines. Depending on the growing medium, some will drip continuously while others are set on a timer to drip 15 minutes every 2-4 hours during the day. Drip systems that use stonewool cubes and slabs give you the most margin of error as they retain water incredibly well. See the General Hydroponics CocoGrower, EuroGrower, EcoGrower and Waterfarm.


In Aeroponics, plants are suspended without the use of a growing medium and their roots are continuously sprayed with a fine nutrient- and oxygen-rich mist. With this virtually unlimited access to oxygen, roots have maximum potential to absorb nutrients and plants can grow at a phenomenal rate. These systems have a small margin of error and are recommended for more experienced gardeners. Delicate sprayer nozzles must be kept free of debris as they can clog easily, and equipment or power failure can cause total crop loss very quickly. Popular for cuttings and fast harvesting plants. See the AeroFlo and RainForest.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT):

A bare-root system, generally involving a gutter system, in which nutrient solution is constantly pumped over plant roots at a depth of 1/4” to 1/2” to form a thin film of nutrient, giving roots access to nutrient and air simultaneously. The solution cycles between the main reservoir and the grow channel (or gulley) which is tipped at a slight angle to create the desired film effect and prevent roots from damming the channels. See individual hydroponics components that can be used with this technique.


Hydroponic Systems



Customer Appreciation 2014

August 8, 2014

We are excited to announce the Customer Appreciation events for 2014!


As a thank you to our Worm’s Way customers, both near and far, we are happy to announce Customer Appreciation Week 2014,  August 11 through August 15. Enjoy 20% savings on all online orders using promo code CAW2014. Frequent Farmer Gold (FFG) members will also receive a free gift with every online order. Thanks again for being a Worm’s Way customer.



Don’t miss out on the 2014 Customer Appreciation Day, August 16, at all Worm’s Way retail locations. As a thank you to our customers we will be offering store-wide discounts, free samples and raffles.
We hope to see you at this all day event.